RNI No. : PUNENG01451

Research Insights in Education

An International Biannual Referred Journal


No society has ever prospered and flourished without quality education. All of us, more than we recognize, are the products of thinking around us. But excellent ideas are not enough. Everything we have in this
world, from baby food to satellites is an idea acted upon and thoroughly researched. Same is true for shaping quality education.

Human mind is the fundamental resource. Exploring and probing of human mind leads to development. Indian education has to keep pace with the world trends and at the same time deeply rooted in our own culture. UGC is encouraging research at all levels. We require dedicated researchers who can affect real positive changes.

Publication of the journal, 'Research Insights in Education : An International Biannual Refereed Journal' by this institution is a small step towards encouraging dedicated research and providing a platform for
sharing ideas. Ours is an educational institution serving in the field of education since 1955 and contributing to spread of education, especially among women through academic programmes, seminars, workshops and other extension activities. Research at postgraduate level has been a regular feature of the institution. Panjab University, Chandigarh granted the status of Research Centre to the institution.

Bringing out a quality research journal is the endeavour of the research centre of this institution. We are committed to uphold the values and ethics of education and research. We shall always striving in that

Dr. Baljeet Kaur Gill
Chief Editor